Yonkers, New York

Yonkers, New York is a bustling yet gracious city of some 195,000 residents. Its spectacular location makes it a popular place for those who commute elsewhere to work and for those who find employment within Yonkers. Four distinctive seasons, an outstanding public school system and a responsive local government make this city a marvelous choice for home buyers.

Citizens enjoy plenty of recreation within Yonkers. The Hudson River is just a stone’s throw away. New residents will find lush golf courses, several sports courts, indoor pools and a skating center. Parks and playgrounds provide residents with the ability to enjoy hiking, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities.

Shoppers will find luxury, convenience and value. The Cross County Shopping Center features well known designer boutiques and department stores. The arts and culture thrive in this community. Festivals are held throughout the year, and residents enjoy live performances by a host of performing troupes.

Two outstanding hospitals are found in Yonkers. St. Joseph’s Medical Center and St. John’s Riverside Hospital are recognized for their use of cutting-edge instruments and techniques in concert with compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Yonkers is also known as an educational center. Students are served by the excellent Yonkers Public School System. Several colleges, including Sarah Lawrence and St. Joseph’s Seminary, are also found here.

Yonkers is generally divided into quarters. Yonkers’ Northeast section is primarily suburban, featuring a great deal of desirable Yonkers real estate in neighborhoods like Colonial Heights and Crestwood. Homes for sale in this part of town are usually single family dwellings and tend to sell very quickly. In the Northwest, people browsing for Yonkers real estate may find Victorian era homes, some of which are short sales or foreclosures. This provides buyers with a chance to own a distinctive piece of New York history at an extraordinary price. Southeast Yonkers boasts an excellent selection of condos and single family houses. Much of this quarter of the city abuts the Bronx, making this a vibrant place to live. Southwest Yonkers is another wonderful place to find condos, but the quarter boasts some historic homes as well. Upscale neighborhoods like Hudson Park and Van Cortlandt Crest are found in the Southwest.

Yonkers real estate runs the gamut from sleek, modern condominiums to ornate historic mansions. Homes for sale may include new construction single family homes on large lots or older homes with mature landscaping. Well appointed condominiums may be offered for as little as $125,000. At the other end of the spectrum are manor homes priced around $750,000. With such an attractive diversity of homes and prices, Yonkers is certain to have a dream home for every buyer.

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